The AirPatron is a sophisticated  state of the art burglar alarm using hidden cameras. Beat the burglar with 24/7 video surveillance. Log on to your AirPatron from anywhere in the world.  Protect your home or office with the Air Patron alarm and give yourself total peace of mind.


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Your most important asset is your home. Burglaries cause crippling financial loss as well as heartache - yet both of these unfortunate circumstances are avoidable with simple, affordable protection that can be customised to suit your household’s activities.  

The AirPatron is a simple but effective security device that connects seamlessly to your wireless network and streams live video over the internet. You will be able to view your home or office from anywhere in the world using your PC, iPhone or Android device.

                           Welcome to the AirPatron - Order Now


  • The AirPatron is an advanced hidden surveillance camera for home or office use.
  • State of the art technology that sends live video to your PC, phone or tablet.
  • The main design is based on an air freshener to dupe intruders into thinking it’s
    just a harmless piece of homeware - when in fact it’s actually a powerful
    security device that’s recording their every move!!
  • Remote viewing from anywhere in the world. 
                            Beat the Burglar!  


  • Our unique AirPatron software has numerous practical options which will enable you to customise it.
  • Set it to record certain times of the day/night, or record on movement detection only.
  • The AirPatron puts you in complete control of your home or office security.
  • The AirPatron can adapt itself according to your lifestyle and requirements. Recordings can be stored either on a memory card within the device itself, directly onto our cloud server or your own hard drive.

  • Send email alerts to your phone, PC or tablet informing you of movement detection (possible intruder).

  • Send additional email alerts to any pre-designated contacts such as friends or neighbours - particularly beneficial when you’re on holiday.

  • AirPatron enables you to respond immediately to any unwanted activity in your home, significantly reducing any adverse consequences.

                          Hidden Camera Surveillance
We have designed each AirPatron device with a built in hidden camera to fool the burglar - anyone who breaks into your home or office won’t realise they’re being recorded or that a photographic alert has been emailed to you.                 

                Air freshener with built in camera - perfect for covert surveillance


                               Hidden camera concealed inside - perfect for covert monitoring    


The AirPatron is as versatile and flexible as you want it to be. The designs have been developed to look like everyday items you'd expect to see in a normal household - this is not just to fool the burglar but also to ensure your home will still look like a home and not a high security prison! Choose from any of the designs to get you started, add more as and when you feel ready - there are no contracts to tie you in. All the devices will work on their own but will also connect with each other today, tomorrow - even ten years from now! The AirPatron belongs to you.

  • Add up to 10 additional satellite devices that will independently monitor different rooms and email pictures to you. The AirPatron range includes bedside clocks, wall clocks, air fresheners and smoke alarms, all with cameras discreetly hidden inside them - intruders won’t stand a chance!

    Wall clocks, bedside clocks and smoke alarms all with hidden cameras concealed inside them. These ordinary-looking devices will instantly capture the movements of thieves!!




                     Please note that both the wall clock and smoke alarms will need hard wiring.

  • With every AirPatron purchase you will receive a t-shirt and a door/window sticker warning would-be intruders that your home is monitored by AirPatron’s hidden cameras - you’ll quickly discover that the prospect of being caught on camera is a very powerful deterrent for any thief!!           




                                                         Peace of Mind

Simply install the AirPatron in your home or office to keep an eye on your possessions, or monitor your loved ones remotely by installing an AirPatron device in your relative’s home. An AirPatron wall clock or air freshener would be a good choice for this type of surveillance.
  • How many times has your alarm gone off at 4am in the morning and a call centre informed you of a possible intrusion? With a fear of the unknown making you extremely anxious, you arrive at your premises - only to find it’s a false alarm!
  • How much better would it be if you had an alert on your phone telling you that movement had been detected at your business premises - which you could then view, room by room on your phone, PC or tablet - even when it’s totally dark?
  • With the night vision capabilities of the AirPatron you can check what’s going on from your sofa, your bed or even while you’re on holiday on the other side of the world!!

                                           How it Works
  • The default settings on your device (which you can change) will be set up to start recording when motion is detected and to store these recordings on our cloud. All your recordings will be viewable only by yourself when you log on to your account - and storage will of course be free of charge! You can choose to store your recordings on the device itself or on your own computer.

  • The AirPatron is a completely user-friendly security device that doesn't over-complicate the basic task of capturing criminals red-handed. Any recording or attachment which incriminates the offender can be handed over to your local law enforcement authority. Don't ever consider trying to use physical force to apprehend a criminal - let AirPatron do it for you - safely.

                                         Multi-View Surveillance

  • The AirPatron allows you to keep a close eye on everything by remotely watching what's happening in your house or office. The AirPatron connects to your home or office via the internet allowing you to watch live action on your PC, mobile phone or tablet. Keep an eye on your property wherever you happen to be, thanks to the AirPatron.

  • Add up to 10 individual cameras per house or office. Mix and match the different designs of hidden cameras in your home or office.

  • The AirPatron multi-view screen streams up to ten live video feeds at any one time.

                                                    Easy set-up

  • The AirPatron can be set up in a matter of minutes with your desktop computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device.
  • Turn on notifications to receive email alerts when movement has been detected.
  • Whether you’re on a computer, smart phone or other internet capable device, as long as you can connect to the internet you will be able to access the live video being streamed from your AirPatron.
  • The AirPatron can detect changes in the image being monitored. If a change occurs it will send an email alert to up to 3 different email addresses with a snapshot attatched.
  • Log in to the AirPatron and view your home/office anytime from anywhere in the world.


  • The AirPatron gives you the ability to create and maintain an effective and reliable surveillance system. Utilising state-of-the-art network cameras, users can build a completely scaleable, high performance wired or wireless surveillance system that can effectively monitor and protect your valuable assets.


  • With the installation of a networked surveillance system, you can locally or remotely monitor the safety and security of people and property anywhere, anytime. Networked surveillance makes it possible to send live images and audio for remote monitoring, troubleshooting, web broadcasting and any other activity requiring a remote presence.

  • To use your AirPatron device just for keeping an eye on your children, staff, elderly parents etc, simply disarm all the recording options on the relevant device then sit back and view everyone going about their normal activities on your PC, tablet or phone. No more worrying what they're getting up to - let AirPatron take the stress out of your life.


  • The AirPatron has advanced codec technology allowing you to easily view, control and manage all networked cameras using any standard web browser, or our surveillance management software, from any networked computer, iPhone or tablet.


                        Private Members Section

Purchasing any AirPatron unit will give you access to the private members' section on the AirPatron  website. Access via a secure username and password will enable you to view regular updates regarding  the development and progress of the AirPatron - we do not believe valued customers should be left to guess what's going on with their investment.                      
                            Where We Are Now

We have developed a dynamic and inventive product that is now ready to go into full production. To do so we need your help. We have a working prototype and with the final designs almost complete we're currently working on the software and the apps for the Apple store and Google Play and have begun negotiating with manufacturers to produce the different covert designs.

With funding in place we envisage delivery of the devices to be within four months from the end of our indiegogo campaign - yes, four months! Your investment will produce results in a very short space of time and we can all start feeling more secure in our homes.


  • Connection by WiFi or Ethernet with 720P HD H.264 HD quality video
  • Motion detection with infrared night vision and H.264/MPEG4 video
  • Video recording online or by SD memory card (not supplied with unit)
  • Built in microphone and speaker
  • Single or multi view video with up to ten cameras on screen
  • iPhone/iPad/Android/PC/MAC live video streaming
  • Secure easy login by ID/Password
  • Live MPEG4 and motion JPEG streams at 30 frames per second  


                   Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide

Why is the AirPatron designed the way it is?

We designed the AirPatron as a hidden camera to fool the burglar - anyone who breaks into your home or office won’t realise that they’re being recorded or that a photographic email alert has been sent to you.

How many AirPatrons do I need for my home or office?

That all depends on how much cover you want - you can add and view up to ten devices in any one location.

What is required to use the AirPatron in my home or office?                 

All you need is an internet router with a regular high speed internet service connected to your PC and you're good to go.

Where can I log on to my AirPatron?

You will be able to log on to your AirPatron from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Imagine you live in New York and you are on holiday in Europe, how useful would it be to log on to your AirPatron and check that all is well at home? You cannot put a price on peace of mind.

What Software do I need?

All the software needed will be downloadable Free of Charge from the members’ section on the AirPatron website. Every user will have their own secure members page where any software required to run the AirPatron will be available.

Where will I be able to buy the AirPatron when it is released?

You will be able to purchase the AirPatron and any extra devices you need from the AirPatron website and sites like Amazon, Yahoo!  etc. 

What happens if I move and want to take the system with me?

No problem, every device is free standing or detachable and completely mobile. You can move in the morning and have the AirPatron up and running by dinner time.

How are the devices powered?

The AirPatron plugs into the mains and comes with a universal plug which can be used in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia.



What's the battery life?

There is no battery in the AirPatron.

Will the AirPatron come with full instructions? 

Yes - we have made it very simple to use but full instructions will be on our website. Each customer will have a unique membership page on our website.

What's the size of the devices?

 The speaker device is approx 114mms in height and approx 90mms in width.
 The bedside clock device is approx 118mms in width and approx 70mms in depth.
 The wall clock device is approx 300mms across and approx 20mms in depth.
 The air freshener device is approx 116mms in height and approx 10mms in width.
 The smoke detector device is approx 120mms in width and approx 40mms depth.

Does the AirPatron work with iPhone and Android?

Yes - you will be able to access your AirPatron via your PC, iPhone, or android device.

Will there be a warranty or guarantee with the AirPatron?

Yes - there will be a twelve month guarantee on all our devices.

Will I be able to add on additional devices at a later time? 

Yes - you can add other AirPatron devices to your network at any time. We are working on different designs, all based on the hidden camera concept. 

Can I keep an eye on my nursery, or elderly relative?

Yes - simply install the AirPatron in your nursery to keep an eye on your baby, or monitor your loved ones remotely by installing an AirPatron device in your relative’s home and disarming the motion detection alert facility. An AirPatron wall clock or air freshener would be a good choice for this type of surveillance.

Can I host my own AirPatron?

No - each user will have their own dedicated members section on the AirPatron website which can only be accessed via a username and password - this will ensure that every AirPatron user will have a unique and secure cloud service.

Do I have to pay any monthly fees?

No - there are no monthly fees for monitoring your home, office or relatives.

What if someone steals my AirPatron device?

All your personal information is stored in the cloud. AirPatron sends pictures to your email if it detects any movement and also records to the cloud, therefore you will have captured a picture and video of the burglar as soon as he or she steps in front of the AirPatron’s line of vision!  

Even if someone steals your device you will still have access to valuable information that has been recorded and can be passed to the authorities to catch the thieves.

                                        Team working on this project:-

                                                Phil Rhead - CEO

Mr Rhead established his engineering company in 1979, with his management skills he has successfully steered the company through various recessions and it continues to thrive to this day. In addition to his engineering company, Mr Rhead has also set up a variety of IT businesses each time confidently employing the skills of Mr Harris to manage them for him - this symbiotic relationship between Mr Rhead and Mr Harris has resulted in a number of successful enterprises over the last 25yrs, recently successfully developing an app on the Apple App store called Snappy Dialer, the app enables mobile phone users worldwide to talk for free using only a Wi-Fi signal.  

                                Paul Harris - IT Software Development

In 1998 Mr Rhead saw an opportunity and set up an IT business near his home in The Algarve Portugal. To run the business he called on the skills of Mr Harris and brought him over from the UK to manage it. With his intuitive flair Mr Harris was able to build the business into one of the largest IT outlets in The Algarve. During a period spanning more than ten years he established himself as the primary contact for both commercial and private users in the ex pat community, running the business successfully until it was sold when he repatriated to the UK for his children's education.

                                      Trish Rhead - Sales and Marketing

Trish has extensive and diverse marketing experience, ranging from promoting premature babywear for a successful company, marketing a wi-fi mobile phone app and heading the marketing and advertising department of a large engineering company.
She has been a successful head of marketing in an engineering environment for nearly fifteen years and has now joined the AirPatron team as a very welcome and enthusiastic contributor to our campaign.

                                                 Tim Jobson - Legal

Educated at Bromsgrove School and Keble College, Oxford, he was trained at Wragge & Co in Birmingham and became an assistant solicitor in their company department.

Head hunted to Lyon Clark & Co in West Bromwich at the age of 24, he was head of their company department for 16 years and met many clients who remain with him today. He moved to Keely Smith & Jobson in Lichfield in 1985, where he worked with a large number of his present business colleagues. In 1995 he moved to Oldham Rust Jobson, later ORJ in Stafford, forming his own practice, Jobsons Solicitors in 2011.

Tim has recently advised on the sale of a $25million manufacturing company with depots throughout the world and on internet based gaming contracts, the sale of a private company to a PLC with the allotment of AIM shares, as well as a number of smaller transactions.

                                              Nigel Merridith - Accountant

Nigel qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1976. After gaining experience in both Birmingham and London he commenced practising in 1982. His business has benefited from his strategic and creative thinking, an expert in his field he thinks ‘outside the box'. Nigel is both pragmatic and realistic whilst at the same adheres to the strictest professional standards. 


Thank you for your interest in our product, we would love to hear your feedback on any aspect of the AirPatron designs. Soon you will be able to view your home or office remotely from anywhere in the world using your PC, iPhone or Android device.


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